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The Healthcare industry is changing...
and why it matters
Healthcare is among the hottest topics in the world right now, in large part due to the massive transformation the whole industry is undergoing.

According to a report published last April by Allied Market Research titled, "World Internet of Things (IoT) Healthcare Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014-2021", the world Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare market is expected to reach $136.8 billion by 2021. This is too big a number to ignore and precisely the reason why we all need to take a look at the challenges and opportunities that come with such an explosive growth.

Technological advancements are indeed transforming the entire healthcare industry, but on top of that, are other pressing topics and issues that require the same amount of attention, such as robotics, the silver tsunami, healthcare manpower challenges, digital healthcare, healthcare pricing models, etc.

To know more about these pressing healthcare issues and what is to become of this massive industry in the next few years is empowering, not only for the healthcare providers but most especially for the consumers. Keep yourself informed by attending healthcare-focused events such as the upcoming Innovating Care Asia Pacific 2016 (ICAP) conference taking place on 20-21 July at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre. There are said to be around 30 high-calibre local and international speakers at the conference who will be presenting on key healthcare topics and issues.

Quotes from our ICAP 2016 conference speakers

"In the past, you innovate when you run into trouble and need a way out. Today, if you don't innovate, you will definitely get into trouble."
    - Mr Rajendra Gupta, Central Council of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India

"The pace of change in digital health has been dizzyingly rapid: new devices, new gizmos, new apps-a veritable technology parade, better described as a headlong sprint. But it is important to stand back, look beyond the technology, and consider if all this tumult is radically changing the fundamental logic and process of healthcare. The answer is, "Yes": medicine is undergoing a revolution with several paradigm shifts, including the decentralization of care, the parallelization of data and logic, a convergence of the wellness and medical spaces, a closer integration of individual and population logic, Big Data driven medicine involving the spatial and temporal integration of data, the empowerment of primary care, and the convergence of diagnosis and therapeutics."
    - Dr Ogan Gurel, CEO, NovumWaves

Ageing Societies are forcing Big Shifts in the Provision of Healthcare

To maintain the well-being of wrinkly populations, hospital stays can be replaced by residencies in purpose-built facilities at less cost. However, health-care systems have generally been slow to adopt technology this way. Furthermore, the extent to which new technologies grant the elderly independence will be limited by how willing governments are to integrate them into larger systems. Read more...

From App Doctors to Big Data: Five ways tech will shape Healthcare
Technology presents huge opportunities and challenges for our health and care system. Here are five areas to watch: Wearables, App Doctors, Telehealth, Big Data and Digital Therapy. Read more...

Doctors can now get a 3-D Holographic look at your insides

The EchoPixel's True 3-D software takes data from CT and MRI scans and transforms it into 3-D holographic images, allowing doctors to view and interact with patient tissues and organs as if they were real physical objects. The imaging technology allows doctors to more accurately diagnose disease and prepare for surgeries. Read more...

Healthcare at Home Market Worth $355.3 Billion by 2020: Untapped Market for Vietnam
A study by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation took historical data to forecast potential savings of $10.3 billion over ten years (2014-2023) by reducing regional hospital readmissions through the use of home health as the first line to handle post-acute care episodes. The global home healthcare market is expected to reach USD 355.3 billion by 2020, growing at an estimated CAGR of 7.8% from 2014 to 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Read more...

Stress reduced with art-making, regardless of skill level

Published in the journal Art Therapy, the study found that just 45 minutes of art creation - such as making clay models or drawing - reduced levels of the hormone cortisol. Read more...

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